Hayley Bernard – Member

Hayley Barnard

Since 2014, Hayley has served as the Managing Director of MIX Diversity Developers, helping many large organisations shift their culture to one that is more inclusive of diversity. Her clients range from NHS Trusts to global companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile and Britvic. She hopes to bring this expertise to the YHA to support our aim to reach an ever-wider range of people.

Previously Hayley worked at non-executive and executive board level at a number of travel and expedition companies. Her postgraduate training is in marketing and she has significant experience in and passion for digital engagement.

When not at work or walking in the New Forest, where she lives with her husband and two teenagers, she can usually be found in the nearest stretch of open water (always without a wetsuit even in February… brrrr!). Hayley is an experienced marathon swimmer. In 2018, she swam the English Channel in a time of 14 hours 12 minutes and around Manhattan Island in New York (47km).

Hayley was delighted to be elected to the Board of Trustees in June 2019.

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