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Man walking on hill top

Hostel-to-hostel walking

Trail Magazine has teamed up with YHA to create something a little bit special – a walk that bags 24 summits in total, stopping at a different hostel each night. Here’s how we got on.

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Dog running through leaves

The best dens welcome dogs

Think of autumn and your first thought won’t involve camping. But before you think we’re barking up the wrong tree, just bear with us a minute. Why? Because, if you opt for one of our heated wooden structures...

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Beautiful sunset

Hostels with hygge-appeal

Hygge: The Danish art of cosy comfort and enjoying the good things in life. So, diet be blown! Woolly layers forgive that extra roast potato. And what better aid to digestion than a stroll along a deserted...

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Sensational sunset

Sensational sunsets

If there’s one thing that sets the warmer months apart it’s the amazing array of sunsets which grace the nation’s landscapes on a summer’s evening. Here are some top sunset locations close to YHA hostels...

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Brighton beach

Brighton rocks

Leisure and pleasure are Brighton’s raisons d’être. Ever since the profligate Prince Regent swaggered down here in 1783 with his motley entourage, Brighton’s reputation as a good-time town has only...

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Mountain top

How to plan a walking route

Don’t just follow others – planning your own walking route can be a rewarding experience, helping you discover new places or set yourself challenges. Jonathan Elder from Ordnance Survey outlines how to...

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