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With a varied landscape, inspiring views and something for everyone, England and Wales is a must for all. Find your best deal out of 150 hostels and 45 campsites

London Big Ben


A metropolis of culture, history and amazing nightlife, London is an exciting balance of blending the old with the new. Sightseeing takes on a new role in this adventurous city, with hundreds of places to visit.

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Cornish beach


Cornwall is famous for its diversity of activities, entertainment and sights to see. It's a haven for domestic summer holidays - as well as the cultural homeland of Britain's surfers.

Places to stay in Cornwall

Beach in Devon


Devon is known for its rolling hills, rustic villages and relaxed pace of life. The Jurassic Coast to the south is a World Heritage Site in itself, and filled with charming fishing towns and stunning scenery.

Places to stay in Devon

Lake District

Lake District

For those with an interest in outdoor activities, the Lake District is the real capital of Britain. Comprised of 885 square miles of mountains, woodland, lakes and vast open spaces.

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One of England's most inspiring and beautiful cities, Oxford is bursting with history and heritage.

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Bristol town centre


From quirky shops and Banksy' street art to the majesty of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol is a fun and vibrant cultural hub.

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This modern and ever-growing city is perfect for a shopping trip, an amazing night out and soaking in the culture.

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