The Board of Trustees consists of a maximum of 15 trustees, including three national officers, and meets six times each year. The Board determines policy, ensures the proper management of YHA and provides effective guidance and leadership to the Chief Executive, Executive team and employees of YHA. The Board appoints the Chief Executive who reports to the Board at their meetings. YHA employs the Chief Executive, and four directors responsible for all aspects of YHA’s work.

Trustees are elected at the AGM and are eligible to serve for two four year terms. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, we do have a selection process run by our Council Nominations Panel. Trustee roles are advertised in March/April each year.

Trustees are, individually and collectively, responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organisation. Everything done by the Board Officers or Trustees is done on behalf of the Board, and all Trustees are responsible for the decisions of the Board.

Meet the all YHA's Trustees

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM meets to receive the annual accounts, consider and vote on any motions, and to elect the Board of Trustees and its officers. Any member can register to attend the AGM.

The 2018 AGM will be held on 30th June at the Royal College of GPs, Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB.

Update from the AGM 2017

Our 2017 AGM took place on Saturday 8th July at the central London location, the Royal College of General Practitioners in Euston Square. This is an important date in the calendar as it is a key element of the governance of YHA as a charity and it oversees the election of Trustees to YHA's Board. It's also a chance to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the future.

For the 2017 AGM we hosted our Trustees, Trustee candidates and invited guests at YHA London Thameside the night before, where many of the staff and volunteering team involved in the running of the AGM were also staying. This was a great chance for everyone to relax, socialise, meet the Exec team, and for the Trustee candidates to immerse themselves into all things YHA. Some of the AGM delegates were also staying, and they had the opportunity to view the videos of the Trustee candidates before voting on them the next day.

The AGM itself was structured so that delegates could, if they preferred, just come for the day – one of the main reasons why we selected London and the RCGP as the venue was for its accessibility and its affordability. The meeting started at 10.30am with the formal AGM proceedings. A welcome from Peter Gaines, our Chairman, was followed by a video presentation of the finances by Ian Maginnis, our Treasurer, who was unable to be there in person as he was leading a DofE group trekking in Costa Rica.

The main business of the meeting was for the members to vote for the new Trustees. There were six candidates up for three places, including three of our existing Trustees who were eligible for re-election at the end of their first terms of office. The three ultimately elected were two of the existing Trustees, Chris Roberts and Graham Turnock, and one new candidate, Cathryn Hayhurst. Cathryn works in the senior finance team at The Co-op and has previously worked for the National Trust, so brings some valuable skills and experience to the Board.

For Paula Yates, the AGM was the last day of her tenure as Vice Chair, but the first as a member the Council Nomination Panel, which is a committee of the AGM involved in the recruitment of Trustee candidates. In Paula’s place, we welcomed Margaret Hart as the new Vice Chair, who was elected at the last Board meeting.

The highlight of the afternoon was an inspirational talk from YHA ambassador, Sarah Outen. Just arrived back from an adventure in Alaska, Sarah took to the stage barefoot and enthralled us all with stories from her epic London2London: Via the World challenge, where she rowed, cycled and kayaked 25,000 miles around the Northern Hemisphere. The journey took 4.5 years and was all the richer for not turning out exactly as planned, as we heard.

If you wish you can learn more about Sarah and other YHA Ambassadors.

YHA's governance starts at grass roots level with our members. Our democratic structure means members can influence and help develop policy through joining YHA. Any member can attend and vote at the AGM where Board Members are elected and motions debated.

Articles of Association

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Conflicts of Interest Policy

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