YHA's governance starts at grass roots level with our members. Our democratic structure means members can influence and help develop policy through joining YHA.


The Board of Trustees consists of up to 17 trustees, including three national officers, and meets around five times each year.

The Board determines policy, ensures the proper management of YHA and provides effective guidance and leadership to the Chief Executive, Executive team and employees of YHA. The Board appoints the Chief Executive who reports to the Board at their meetings. YHA employs the Chief Executive, and four directors responsible for all aspects of YHA’s work.

Trustees are, individually and collectively, responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organisation. Everything done by the Board Officers or Trustees is done on behalf of the Board, and all Trustees are responsible for the decisions of the Board.

The result of the election of the Trustees is announced at the AGM. Trustees are eligible to serve for two four-year terms. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, we have a selection process run by the Nominations Committee.

Meet YHA's Board of Trustees

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM meets to receive the annual accounts, consider and vote on any resolutions and motions.  The results of the Trustee election is also announced at the AGM. To attend the AGM and have the right to vote, members must have signed up for Company Membership and be on the Register of Company Members.

Our virtual AGM 2020 was held on Saturday 13th November. There were 113 Company Members (eligible to vote) present. Cathyrn Hayhurts  was re-elected as a Trustee.  Darren Barker and Anna Welsh were elected as  new Trustees for a four-year term. In, addition, the Chair announced that the Board had co-opted Tegryn Jones and Caleb Stevens as Trustees both for a one-year term.    The Company Members approved changes to the Articles of Association including evolving the current Nominations Panel into a Nominations Committee reporting to the Board but retaining independent members elected ahead of the AGM; allowing online meetings; and the removal of some transitional provisions relating to previous governance changes which no longer applied. 

Company members 

The Board’s link with the membership comes through Company Membership – a special status of the YHA membership that enables members to have an input in to decision making, whilst providing the Board with a mechanism to consult with the membership.

Company Members receive regular updates from the Chief Executive and Trustees, are invited to the AGM and are eligible to vote on resolutions, and have a dedicated and secure area of the YHA website.

Company Membership is open to all YHA members over 16 (excluding staff). Members can become Company Members through the “My Profile” section of their YHA online account

Online voting 

Prior to each AGM, YHA members can vote on motions and for the election of new Trustees and the independent Nominations Committee members through online voting. Members need to have a YHA online account and be signed up for YHA emails to be able to vote online.

5,164 members voted in the 2021 elections, electing three Trustees.