Friends of YHA

This is an additional source of business and governance information for those who are interested in getting involved with YHA.

This could be through volunteering at our hostels, becoming a Trustee on our Board or simply learning more about the way we run as an organisation and our ambitions for the future.

There are also sections on volunteering and more about YHA, where you can read updates from the CEO, so keep visiting!

Facebook group

Our 'Friends of YHA' Facebook offers a place to chat, for YHA Members only.

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Company membership

Our Board of Trustees would like to invite all YHA members to contribute to decision making by becoming Company members. Company Membership is open to all YHA members (excluding staff) and you can be a Company Member for as long as you hold valid YHA membership. It carries special status and brings additional opportunities and responsibilities.

As a Company Member, on top of your existing YHA Member benefits, you will:

  • be invited to attend YHA events and general meetings
  • vote on resolutions
  • receive regular updates from the Chief Executive
  • have access to a dedicated webpage, including AGM information
  • be invited to contribute to appropriate consultations

Members can become Company Members through the 'My Profile' section of their online YHA account.

Volunteering - Give something back, volunteer with YHA today

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Volunteering with YHA is a fantastic way to have fun, learn new skills, meet new people, boost your CV and give something back. And we have a dedicated YHA Volunteering site where you can find out more, and search out – and sign up to – many different volunteering opportunities.

YHA Volunteering

Learn about YHA - Learn more about what we do

Find out about YHA as a charity, a business and the impact we have on young people’s lives.

Read our latest inspirational Impact Report, Transforming Lives.

Learn about our charitable objective, Board of Trustees, how we’re governed and much more about our history and future direction.

Read the latest monthly CEO Briefings (May 2019) from James Blake, which gives a flavour of the current economic, political, strategic and operational issues.

Read James Blake’s report from the latest Board meeting (May 2019).