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We're working towards a strategy for YHA in Wales - join the conversation and have your say.

Gweithio tuag at strategaeth i’r YHA yng Nghymru. Darllen yn gymraeg (PDF, 0.2MB).

Wales has its own unique history, heritage, language, landscapes, communities and government.

For us to better support people and communities in Wales, we need to recognise this in a way that we haven’t in the past. We need a strategy for Wales which is tailored to Wales and its own specific strengths, challenges and priorities.

Working towards a strategy for YHA in Wales

This conversation document lays out our commitment to the people, partners and communities of Wales. We hope you will share your thoughts with us over the course of the conversation.

YHA Wales strategy conversation (PDF, 1MB)

Sgwrs strategaeth YHA Cymru (PDF, 1MB)

Share your thoughts

We are developing a strategy outlining our priorities for YHA in Wales over the next three years. We welcome your views on the draft proposals.

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The story so far

In July 1929, seven friends from the Liverpool branch of the Holiday Fellowship travelled to Germany to find out what youth hostelling was all about. Eager to bring the idea to Britain, they set up the first experimental hostel at Pennant Hall in North Wales, just in time for Christmas.

Today, YHA has a history to be proud of and operates 21 hostels in Wales - approximately 15% of the charity's network. These properties have their own local significance and offer access to Wales’ rich natural and cultural heritage. We’re proud to play an important role in introducing the splendour of Wales to visitors, through sustainable tourism.

YHA also has a role to introduce people who live in Wales to the wider hostelling movement; be that across the border in England or more widely with our international partners across Europe and the globe.

We want to do more for the people who live and work in Wales.

Developing young people

Around 8,000 young people took part in a residential in Wales in 2019/20. Only 8% were from schools in Wales.

We can play a bigger role in education.

Supporting those with challenging lives

We provided 5,000 families and young people with a supported stay in 2019/20, with 5% from Wales.

We want to support those who need it most.

Providing jobs and volunteering

Approx. 1,000 young people volunteered with YHA in 2019/20, with only a fraction from Wales.

We need to better connect with young people.

YHA impact in Wales

Our strategy is ambitious. To help us effect change we have 10 strategic priorities – five that focus on our impact on people and five that enable us to achieve this in line with our values.

What this might look like:

  • We could create a dedicated support programme tailored to the needs of young people and families living in Wales
  • We could support schools to implement the new curriculum in Wales, complementing what is already in place
  • We could raise the profile of our hostels in Wales, strengthening their connections with local communities

Join the conversation

So we can make best use our assets in Wales, we need to hear from you. You can share your thoughts, questions and comments on our priorities and activities in Wales.

Share your thoughts

Send us your feedback on the draft proposals.

Complete our survey

Cwblhewch ein harolwg

Contact us

Join the conversation on Twitter @YHAOfficial by using #YHAWales2022.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at [email protected].

Os hoffech gysylltu â ni yn Gymraeg, anfonwch neges e-bost at [email protected].

Get more involved

We are on the search for critical friends to help support, challenge and progress our work in Wales on a more regular, more formal basis. This is likely to lead to an advisory group that’ll meet throughout the year.

We’re particularly interested in education professionals, those working in the youth or outdoor activity sectors, and those who can help us improve our equitable and inclusive working practices. See the last page of our conversation documents for more details.