Paul Wright - YHA Board of Trustees Member

Paul Wright

Paul became a YHA Trustee in 2012. After graduating with a degree in computer science from the University of York in 2006, he now works in BT’s research and technology department in Ipswich. At BT he studies future optical networking technologies and, by performing simulations and customer demand modeling, provides guidance on how these new technologies can be applied and the benefits they bring.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys walking and cycling and regularly goes hostelling with the Ipswich Outdoor Group, one of the YHA’s affiliated groups and which he is the chairman of. He is also the chairman of the YHA’s Southern England Regional Council.

Paul aims to be an active Trustee and brings long-term strategic planning skills to the board. He also aims to help YHA reach out to more young people by making use of new internet technologies.

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