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Virtual Field Trip: A Level Geography

Take part in an interactive training course with the Field Studies Council

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FSC has developed an expert range of digital training courses for A Level Geography.

These allow schools to undertake virtual field trips and cover key fieldwork topics.

This opportunity is provided by the Field Studies Council.


  • Type: 10 / 22-hour course
  • Dates: Ongoing - see details
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: £1 (standard) or £3 (advanced) per student
  • Suitable for: Groups aged 15 - 18 years

About this opportunity

We are offering heavily subsidised packages including five completely online courses for A Level Geography, so teachers and students can benefit from our excellent digital resources at a reduced rate.

All our online courses are carefully linked to the curriculum and are an invaluable resource to reduce prep time and ensure high-quality content delivered digitally.

You can choose from standard or advanced versions of each course. Advanced level courses take approximately 22 hours to complete. They provide an additional suite of pre-recorded interactive introduction and follow-up video lessons to ensure that you can complete a whole virtual field trip for each topic.

Standard level courses take approximately 10 hours to complete. Teachers will need to deliver the introduction and follow up.

Need to know

How it works

Our online A Level Geography courses are developed and led by experts.

Each course includes three fieldwork modules (at standard or advanced level) and two enhancement modules.

Fieldwork modules

  • Coastal Fieldwork Skills (standard or advanced)
  • Carbon Fieldwork Skills (standard or advanced)
  • Place Fieldwork Skills (standard or advanced)

Enhancement modules

  • Quantitative Data Analysis for A Level Geography
  • Qualitative Data Analysis for A Level Geography

Learning outcomes

Our virtual field trips cover a range of curriculum content for A Level Geography for all the major exam boards. They enable students to enhance their knowledge of fieldwork skills, particularly when physical trips aren’t able to take place.  

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