Company Membership

As a charity, YHA (England & Wales) is governed by a Board of Trustees who ensure we stay true to our charitable object.

The Board’s link with the membership comes through Company Membership – a special status of the YHA membership that enables members to have an input in to decision making, whilst providing the Board with a mechanism to consult with the membership.

We invite YHA members who are committed YHA supporters, with an interest in the governance of YHA, to register as Company Members of YHA (England & Wales).

1. Who can become a Company Member?
Any YHA member that is aged 16 or over, has a valid membership, and is not a YHA employee.

2. What are the benefits of being a Company Member?
As a Company Member you will:

• be invited to attend YHA events, including general meetings
• vote on resolutions
• have access to updates from the CEO and Board of Trustees
• be invited to contribute to appropriate consultations

3. How long does Company Membership last?

Company Membership will be for an indefinite period. It will normally end if:

• you opt out of Company Membership
• you fail to respond to a request asking if you wish to remain a Company Member
• your YHA membership lapses or is cancelled

There are also a number of circumstances in which YHA (England & Wales) can terminate Company Membership or when Company Membership terminates automatically. These are set out in the Articles of Association.

4. What are my rights and responsibilities as a Company Member?
• YHA (England & Wales) is a Charity incorporated as a company limited by guarantee: company registration number 282555. As a Company Member of the Charity you will have certain rights and responsibilities laid down in Company Law and our Articles of Association.
• All Company Members are required to act in YHA’s best interest in line with our Articles of Association and the Standing Orders for all General Meetings.

5. What information is held on me as a Company Member?

YHA (England & Wales) will retain the following details of all Company Members on the Register of Company Members in accordance with Company Law:

• Your name
• Your address
• The date that you became a Company Member
• The date you ceased to be a Company Member

6. How do I become a Company Member?

Company Membership is managed through the My Account area of the YHA website:

• Go to the My Account area of the website and log in to your account
• Select “My Profile”
• Tick the “Company Membership” box
• All communications with Company Members will be by email, with information posted online. It is important that you have ticked the “Email” box under “Communication preferences” to ensure we can communicate with you
• Click “Update details”

You can also cease to be a Company Member through the same method by un-checking the Company Member tick box.

Terms and conditions

The information on this page forms the Terms and Conditions of Company Membership for YHA (England & Wales).

Full details of your Company Membership rights and responsibilities are set out in the YHA (England & Wales) Articles of Association.

All Company Members are bound by the Articles of Association and Standing Orders for all General Meetings.

In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the Articles of Association the Articles shall take precedence. By agreeing to become a Company Member you are confirming that you have read the Articles of Association and agree to be bound by them.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding Company Membership, please email [email protected]