Changes to YHA membership

Changes to YHA membership

Since we began, we’ve made it our mission to give everyone the opportunity to travel and grow through experiences of adventure. YHA continues to go from strength to strength, and the work we’re achieving as a charity for young people is vitally important.

We’re a proud membership organisation and to continue to grow and prosper, we must ensure that we stay relevant to current supporters and attract new ones. Following a period of consultation, a great deal of thought and approval from our Board of Trustees, we launch our new, simplified membership scheme.

As you will know from our prior communications, the main changes include:

  • A member discount of 10% off accommodation and pre-booked meals (up to 15 people). This is available on stays in England and Wales, booked directly with YHA
  • The introduction of a 5% discount for bookings that include anyone under 26 years of age. Again, this is only available in England and Wales, on bookings made directly with YHA
  • Only one membership is required to get the membership discount on the entire booking
  • A reduction in the number of membership categories

This dedicated page contains further information on the changes. So, if there is anything you’re unclear about or you’re interested in finding out about the finer detail, please peruse these frequently asked questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

What overnight discount do I now get as a member?

Rather than the £3 overnight discount you have received historically, you will now be entitled to 10% off your bookings (for 15 people or less). This discount will be applied to pre-booked meals, and covers everyone in your booking.

Do I need to bring my membership card with me when I go to a hostel?

No. You only need to be a member at the point of booking. We will verify your membership at the point of booking so we will not need to see your card upon arrival.

Can I use my membership discount on top of other YHA discounts and special offers?

Unfortunately not. As a member, you will get priority notice of special offers but these can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Do I need to be a member at the point of booking my stay?

Yes. Your membership must be valid at the time of booking. However, it does not need to be valid at the time of arrival. Hostel staff have the means to confirm you held valid membership at the point at which you booked. Please note, you will require valid membership for any subsequent bookings.

How do I become a lifelong supporter of YHA now that Life membership is no longer being sold?

There are several ways you can continue supporting YHA. The most obvious one is to keep up your membership – either by renewing each year or signing up for Direct Debit. You could also make a one-off donation, set up a regular gift, or volunteer for us.

Can I still use my membership abroad?

Yes, as a general rule, you can but it’s worth double-checking with the National Association that you are visiting before you go. If you are travelling as a couple or family, you may need to carry a membership card for each adult travelling.

What benefits are there of YHA membership?

In addition to supporting YHA as a charity through your subscription, members are entitled to 10% off bookings for no more than 15 people. In addition to this you have access to a number of retail benefits such as 15% off at Cotswold Outdoor, an extra 10% off the Discount Card price at GO Outdoors and 10% off at Go Ape. For a full list of your benefits, please log in to this website and select ‘YHA membership’.

How can I stay up to date with information about my membership or YHA in general?

Providing an email address is the best option. This is the most cost-effective means of communication for us. It’s also the most environmentally-friendly.

If you believe you have provided an email address, yet you are not receiving emails, please contact a member of the team at [email protected] and we will arrange for you to receive relevant communications. You will always retain the choice to opt out of communications.

I don’t think I need my membership anymore. Can I cancel it?

You can. Please contact [email protected] to cancel.

Membership categories

As part of our membership review, we have reduced the number of membership categories to simplify things – for you as a current member and for anyone thinking of joining our movement.

Please select the relevant category for more information about how membership changes affect you.

Individual membership

I have an individual membership, what does this mean for me?

Your overnight member discount will change to 10% off the entire booking on 5th March 2019 but all other retail benefits will remain the same as will all the opportunities to continue supporting YHA.

Life membership

I’m already a Life member, what does this mean for me?

You will retain your membership as it is. Your overnight member discount will change to 10% off the entire booking on 5th March 2019 but all other retail benefits will remain the same as will all the opportunities to continue supporting YHA.

I currently have an Annual Life membership – what does this mean for me?

When you complete all the payment instalments you will become a Life member. Your overnight member discount will change to 10% off the entire booking on 5th March 2019 but all other retail benefits will remain the same as will all the opportunities to continue supporting YHA.

Under 26 membership

I have an Under 26 Direct Debit membership. What do the changes mean for me?

Until you turn 26, your membership will remain at a discounted price – your current rate.

When you turn 26, you will be invited to renew at the non-discounted rate. Until you turn 26, your booking discount will be 15%. That’s because members get 10% off any booking (for up to 15 people) and any booking including anyone under 26 attracts a further 5% discount.

All the retail benefits currently advertised are still available to you.

Household membership

I still have a Household membership with two membership cards. Are they still valid?

Yes, these are still valid. When your membership is due for renewal we will get in touch and provide you with details of the updated membership scheme.

I used to have Household membership, why am I only getting one card now?

Under the new membership scheme, you only need one. Only the person making a booking needs to be a member. And the member discount is applied to the whole booking.

When you renew, we will issue the YHA membership card to the individual who purchased the original Household membership.

If both adults in your household would prefer to retain their own cards, you are invited to purchase a second individual membership. A second card may prove useful if you are planning to hostel internationally however, as already mentioned, two memberships are not required for your entire household to enjoy the benefits of your membership in England and Wales.

I used to have a Household membership and I have since purchased two individual memberships. What do the changes mean for me?

Your memberships are both still valid and provide you the opportunity to travel independently of each other as and when you wish. This is beneficial if you are travelling to National Associations other than YHA (England & Wales).

When it is time to renew, you will both be invited to renew, and you can choose to buy one membership or two. Whichever suits your preference. Only one membership is required per household to get the benefits of membership in England and Wales.

Group membership

I used to have a group membership, what does this mean for me?

All smaller groups (less than 16 people) will receive the membership discount for all group members, as long as one person is an individual YHA member. All bookings made for groups of 16 or more will continue to secure our very attractive group rates, and the benefits of our group bookings terms and conditions allowing for staged payments. Alongside this we will be extending the category of young people who attract a reduced price from under 18 to under 26, which we expect to mean groups of all sizes with significant numbers of young people will pay less than they do now.

Membership voting rights

What are my voting rights?

All YHA members have the right to vote online on motions (except motions brought under urgency), the election of trustees, and the election of the Chair and Association Members of the Nominations Panel. 

Under company law, voting on resolutions at a general meeting of YHA (England & Wales) is restricted to Company Members, either in person or by proxy vote. Therefore, members do need to become Company Members in order to vote on resolutions.

We communicate with members about voting by email, so please ensure you are signed up for YHA emails. You can check this, as well as sign up for Company Membership, in your online account under “My profile”.