Our board of trustees ensure we stay true to our charitable object. YHA has 12 trustees made up of three officers, a chairman, vice chairman and treasurer. 
To become a trustee, you must be a YHA member. All members are invited to attend the AGM and vote on the election of new trustees.
The board monitors YHA’s performance and makes decisions on matters of policy. They are also responsible for appointing a chief executive to carry out policies on their behalf. 

Our mission: To inspire all, especially young people, to broaden their horizons, gaining knowledge and independence through new experiences of adventure and discovery

Our vision: To reach out and enhance the lives of all young people, with the goal of reaching more than one million young people every year by 2020.
To achieve our vision, we have developed four strategic themes for 2017-2020:

•    Developing our world class teams
•    Delivering a sustainable network of world class hostels
•    Achieving more reach and impact through funding and partnerships
•    Putting our customers and members at the heart of everything

For more detailed information, please visit our governance page, read our Annual Report or take a look at our latest Impact Review. 

We are YHA. We transform young lives forever through travel and real adventure.

Because where you go changes who you become.

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Your next holiday could be a life-changer. 
Every stay at a YHA hostel, cabin or campsite helps transform lives. All our revenue is used to improve access to travel and adventure for young people facing poverty, disability, long-term illness and other challenges. Plan your next life-changing trip [links to yha.org.uk]

Get out more. Get more out 
Join the YHA movement and enjoy savings on every booking, discounts on over 350 high street brands, and much more. All while making a massive difference to over a quarter of a million young lives, every single year. Choose adventure and change lives [links to yha.org.uk/join ]

Give a little. Change a lot. 
With your support, we can transform young people’s lives forever. 
A gift of £40 for example, is the difference between a school child going on a life-changing residential, or being left behind. 
Be the difference today [links to yha.org.uk/give ]

Nice work if you can get it. 
YHA volunteers gain confidence, develop new skills, and get invaluable work experience. All while visiting new places, making friends, and making a lasting difference to the lives of young people. 
Choose where to make your mark [links to yha.org.uk/volunteer ]