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You can use one form to apply for multiple opportunities for the same group. If you are applying for different groups, you will need to submit a new form for each group.

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Tell us when you would like to visit. Most opportunities will take place from September - November 2021, however, we may have some flexibility, so please include as many options as possible.
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The minimum group size is 16, however, we may have some flexibility for smaller groups.
Generation Green priority indicators

Generation Green is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund and aims to improve diversity of access to nature.

We will use a range of indicators to ensure that supported opportunities reach groups who will benefit the most. Each indicator is targeted to support a particular population demographic who are statistically less likely to have access to these opportunities.

Please read the following criteria and select all that apply to members of your group.

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So we can meet the needs of your group, please provide us with any relevant details not covered above such as access requirements. If you have any questions, you can also ask these here.