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YHA Christmas is coming early at YHA Ilam
    17/12/2014 03:47

Christmas is coming early at YHA Ilam

As part of the YHA energy saving works being undertaken by the Property Team and led by SHEQ, an early Christmas present arrived at YHA Ilam Hall this week in the form of LED lights!

The hostel's current lighting system is made up of inefficient Halogen lighting, however the new replacement bulbs are all LED, producing the same level of lighting using only a fraction of the electricity. This helps to save energy , carbon and importantly cash! Using data gathered from Co-Op power who supply all YHA Green energy, the return on investment is calculated to be within 18 months.

In addition to the advantages of lower energy costs there are more benefits which are often overlooked, but they are just as important.
LED light bulbs at YHA Ilam Hall
• LEDs significantly reduce working at height by not having to keep changing lights
• Reduces the stock levels of bulbs held on site and ties up cash
• Removes a hiding place for flies to hide and die creating an improved visual appearance
• Reduces the fire risk – LED lights do not get hot so the lamp holders do not become brittle and with age become a fire risk

Emma Chalmers, hostel manager at YHA Ilam says:

"The new lighting at Ilam Hall has brought a bright and clean feel to the hostel, with instant light the minute it's switched on. The durable nature of the new lamps (100,000 hours I've been told) means there will be much less need for weekly bulb changes, which is especially beneficial in the games room with its very high ceilings so no more swinging off ladders.

The savings we make will allow us to spend more on the things that make us really tick at the YHA. These savings could free up money to allow us to build much needed new activities equipment or possibly invest it in the classroom to make it a more interactive space.

All in all this has been a worthwhile exercise and we can proudly say that we are taking steps towards a greener future."

LED lights installed at YHA Ilam Hall


New LED lighting providing 3ws compared to 30w.

A complete lighting unit with 5 lights has been reduced from 150w to 15w for the same lumens!

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