British Museum tour

British Museum Tour


There are many ways to explore a museum. This tour uses the British Museum to tell one of the greatest stories there is: how we humans went from living in small, nomadic bands to building vast interconnected civilisations that dominate the planet.

The path we trace will take us from our origins in the wild to the first empires and the wonders of the Enlightenment.

Highlights include:

•    The Rosetta Stone
•    Double-headed Aztec serpent
•    Assyrian lion hunt reliefs
•    The Lewis Chessmen
•    Parthenon sculptures
•    Colossal statue of Ramesses II
•    Holy Thorn Reliquary
•    Mechanical model of the solar system
•    Easter Island moai
•    Sutton Hoo Helmet

Through these objects and more we will explore some of the deepest questions in world history. Why did our nomadic ancestors settle down and become farmers? Why do we have gods, kings and nations? What drove us to invent writing and money? How have war and germs shaped our lives? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer.
By the end of the tour you will have encountered many of the British Museum’s best-loved objects and, we hope, understand a little better how we made our world. Tours start outside Liverpool Street Station.

Find out more information on the Undiscovered London website.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 3pm.


£12 advance, £14 on the door.

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British Museum Tour

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