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About Mountain Biking

Does a mud treatment for you mean blazing downhill through dirt tracks and slush? We’ve got just the right places for you to visit on your next mountain biking break. These hostels have got enough clay and gravel on the doorstep to keep you entertained, whilst offering a spa treatment for your bike at the end of a day’s hard work.

While mountain biking may look similar to cycling, fans of the sport will tell you it's anything but! Mountain biking means taking your bike off-road, sometimes trekking far into the wilderness to experience some of the toughest challenges nature has to offer. There is a variety of disciplines within mountain biking, including cross-country, trail riding, dirt jumping, downhill and freeriding - and the UK has a fantastic selection of off-road trails, parks, forestlands and rocky slopes to cater to everybody's tastes.

Mountain biking can be undertaken solo or in groups, and often friends who share the passion get together to embark on long mountain biking holidays where they can really get acquainted with Britain's best spots. With YHA's large selection of hostels and lodges all around the country, many of which are equipped with cycle store facilities, we're often the natural choice for low-cost, comfy accommodation and many exhausted mountain bikers have been only too happy to come back to the hostel for a bit of food and relaxation at the end of a hard day on the trails!

Many of our hostels are ideally situated to cater to mountain biking breaks: check into YHA Perranporth and spend a few days exploring the trail network in the beautiful Idless Woods, or get the blood pumping on the renowned Marin Trail near YHA Llanberis which offers an unbeatable combination of challenging climbs, heart-racing descents and stunning scenery. Whether you're a mountain biking rookie looking to get some practice in, or a lifelong fan hungry for new experiences, there are YHA hostels all over England and Wales that will make the perfect base for your break.

Our Expert View

The Coast to Coast trail from the Atlantic north coast at Potreath to the Chanel South Coast at Devoran, follows the Bissoe tram line through a beautiful valley, rich with wildlife and Cornish mining history.

From YHA Perranporth you can see the Idless Woods; a tranquil woodland with a network of mountain biking trails, are a short drive away. 

Experience the adrenaline and exhilaration of your heart pumping on the Marrin Trail by YHA Llanberis, as you make you way up and down the steep terrain. Make sure you take-in the breathtaking beauty.