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About Climbing

If you're looking for a hobby that really gets the adrenaline pumping, climbing could be the sport for you! A real physical and mental challenge, the popularity of climbing has grown steadily in the last few decades, and Britain has a vast wealth and variety of rock faces, crags and boulders to challenge everybody from new beginners to seasoned veterans. Climbing holidays in the UK are rewarding, social and great fun.

Climbing is a full-body exercise, and difficult ascents will require a high degree of physical fitness, body strength and determination to achieve. However, there are plenty of ways for new starters to build up their skills and confidence - climbing centres with indoor walls are found all around the country, particularly near well-known routes. Here beginners can get familiar with specialised climbing equipment on artificial structures and learn the techniques they will need to take on rock walls in the wild.

YHA's network of hostels all over the country offers the ideal base for climbers of all disciplines and skill levels, making it a natural choice for those on rock climbing holidays. With accommodation around Snowdon, Penzance, the Peak District, Northumberland and many other popular regions, you have the full range of the greatest climbing spots in England and Wales at your fingertips! Many of our hostels have links to local climbing centres where less advanced members of your party can get instruction from experts in a safe environment.

For many climbers, the best thing about the sport is the thrill of pushing themselves and daring to do something most people would never dream of. With YHA's huge network of hostels to choose from, you'll never have far to go for comfortable and affordable lodgings while you're facing up to bigger and bigger challenges.

Our Expert View

Cratcliffe Tor provides some of the area's most popular grit-stone climbs. Within a couple of miles from YHA Youlgreave, you'll find excellent routes such as 'Five Finger Exercise', 'Fern Hill' and 'Suicide Wall.'

Malham Cove, as seen in the latest Harry Potter film, is very close to YHA Malham and was used by the successful 1953 Everest Expedition to train on, and has some of the toughest Limestone routes in the world.


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