List of Hostels with Private Rooms

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List of Hostels with Private Rooms

Wed, 29/08/2012 15:24 by brzls

 Is there any simple way of finding out which hostels have private rooms available, broken down into 2 bed, 3 bed or 4 bed, without having to go through the booking procedure listing for example 2 adults in a private room to see if it gives that option?  A number of years ago there was a page on the website you could click on for types of accommodation, which gave a list of hostels with private rooms showing for how many and the cost.

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 I'm looking for exactly this

Fri, 31/01/2014 18:37 by minnypatel

 I'm looking for exactly this right now. Still not happened? It'd be so useful.


Part of the general malaise...

Mon, 3/09/2012 15:40 by caradoc

Sadly I think the answer is no... but don't hold your breath waiting for someone from yha to answer your query! It seems clear that yha don't want transparent pricing, don't want prices to be easily comparable between hostels and are disinterested in providing easily accessible information either through tourist information centres, a handbook or the painfully slow website that makes the average tortoise appear like a world hundred metres champion! Booking at did do this kind of search, but it seems that in their infinite wisdom someone at Matlock has deemed such useful information unnecessary.

Perhaps the year's delay in getting the site up and running was due to some poor soul at Matlock having to test out an area for private room availability and booking?????


Handbook ?

Mon, 10/02/2014 19:04 by Gavsdad

Ah !

Now, there's a thought.


Under 5? Please stay in a Private Room.
Under 15? Please be accompanied with an Adult staying in the same room.
Aged 16 or 17? Please bring a friend or Adult if staying in Shared Accommodation.

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