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YHA Travel Mistakes to Avoid
    23/10/2013 03:50

Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you're heading away for a two-week countryside holiday or a short break away in the city, getting the best from your getaway involves avoiding some of the common pitfalls that catch out unsuspecting travellers. To give you a helping hand, we've picked out five travel mistakes you should try to avoid:


Failure to research

It's extremely annoying when you come back from a holiday and find out you missed a really exciting event or attraction on your break, simply because you did not know of its existence. Good research about your destination helps to prevent this from happening. We're not saying you need to know the street plan by heart, but checking out the local listings to see what's on and finding out more about places of interest before you go will make the trip much more enjoyable.


Pack smart

Sometimes (okay, most times) it can be difficult to know what to take with you on your trip. How many spare jumpers do you need? What shoes will cover all bases? The key is to have as many flexible items of clothing - ones which can be used for different activities - as possible, but don't forget the essentials. If you're out in the countryside, walking shoes, warm clothing and waterproofs are important, and if you're going on remote walks, you'll need a rucksack with a mini 'survival kit' - a map, some bottled water, a torch and a first aid kit could be a lifesaver if you get lost or have an accident. One good tip if you're going on an extended break is to take fewer clothes and a small travel wash kit, which will let you clean your clothes while you're away.



Time spent travelling is typically not that enjoyable - it's the destination that you're looking forward to. So when you've got a list of places you want to go to on tour trip and attractions you want to see, try to work out an itinerary beforehand which reduces the amount of travelling you have to do from place to place. However, don't make your plan too rigid - part of the fun of being away is discovering new things, so you should have a plan that is flexible enough to let you explore when you want to.


Packing too much in

Sometimes there's so much to entertain you at your destination you can try and do too much, but this can really hamper your enjoyment. Rushing around and speeding through attractions doesn't give you the time to stop, take in and enjoy everything that is going on. Besides, going on holiday is about taking the time to chill and relax - it's harder to do that if you're always rushing to the next place!



While you may have set aside a good budget for your break away, it's important to factor in extra cash for unexpected costs. Parking fees, the odd sandwich, buying that book you've been looking for for months and finally stumbled upon in that second-hand bookshop - without realising, it can be easy to eat into your budget. Do that too early in your break and you could find yourself worrying about having to make your money stretch towards the end of your stay, and that's not how you want to end your holiday, is it?

By A Hosteller

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