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YHA Take the Classroom to the Great British Outdoors
    28/04/2015 03:04

Take the Classroom to the Great British Outdoors

Take the Classroom to the Great British Outdoors

Let students escape the traditional classroom to enjoy the glorious countryside and who knows what it will bring out in them? Outdoor learning is a great way to inspire young people and it's fantastic for sparking their creativity and teaching them about their environment.

These YHA School Trips packages offer spectacular locations, unique experiences and a well-needed breath of fresh air for curious young minds. With our exciting alternative curriculum for kids, they'll never see these subjects in the same way again...

Three ways YHA can enhance school Science lessons

1. Investigating a prehistoric crime scene in the Jurassic Coast's CSI-style activity is a great way to bring biology to life! Kids can learn about how fossils help us to interpret the past, plus they'll gain a deeper understanding of evolution by studying fascinating creatures from the Jurassic period.

2. Our Astronomy: Space, the Universe and How to Get There package brings physics down to earth. Launching rockets using air, water and solids helps to develop an understanding of forces and the chemistry behind fuel. And you can't beat building a giant solar system to help pupils remember the planets!

3. Develop kids' sampling skills and nurture their respect for the environment with a forward-thinking Eco-Explorer package. Testing soil is good practice for the laboratory back at school and they'll gain a first-hand understanding of the planet - who doesn't love coming face to face with some creepy crawlies?

Find a hostel with YHA School Trips for Science

Three ways YHA can enhance school PE lessons

1. Natural athletes AND less sporty pupils can't ignore the beauty of the great outdoors! Away from shivering on the school footie pitch in their shorts, kids will feel inspired to learn by their new rural surroundings. Take back YHA School Trips PE package's fun attitude and emphasis on team building and classes will fly by.

2. With invigorating activities such as mountain walking and orienteering, kids will gain valuable knowledge and skills for exercising outside and on rough countryside terrain. How about starting a cross-country team when you're back at school to recreate the excitement of a hike around one of our hostels?

3. Our PE packages challenge the body and brain, so don't be surprised to see pupils trying their hand at archery and rocket launching as well as traditional sports. They can develop their aim, hand-eye coordination skills and are sure to come home feeling refreshed and with a real sense of achievement.

Find a hostel with YHA School Trips for PE

Three ways YHA can enhance school Geography lessons

1. If all you've seen is the city, being let loose in the most dramatic landscapes in England and Wales is unforgettable. Students can explore British scenery and learn how to read maps and follow rivers, putting their orienteering skills into action and seeing how landscapes are formed.

2. Kids can study wildlife in its natural habitat and get a first-hand look at the beaches, moors and mountains they've been studying. They can even try bushcraft skills like shelter building and fire making - a memorable, engaging way to get them thinking about their surroundings.

3. There's nothing like a caving expedition underground to teach your students about caves. Show kids that geology ROCKS by exploring cavern formations and explaining the difference between stalagmites and stalactites up close. They might even get bitten by the adventure bug and blossom into hostellers!

Find a hostel with YHA School Trips for Geography

Three ways YHA can enhance school History lessons

1. Running across a field while screaming your finest battle cry - a sure fire way to make those history classes more memorable! From tracing the footsteps of fierce Vikings to building a Roman siege engine, a YHA School Trip brings the past to life with fancy dress and activities kids will love.

2. Burrow into history and let kids get all Time Team with an archaeological dig - YHA Castleton has one down in their basement! They'll pick up research skills used by historians as they guess the uses and ages of objects, while getting their hands dirty keeps it fun. How about doing a dig back at school in the school field?

3. Take an atmospheric hike to a historical site near one of our hostels - you wouldn't believe how many great monuments are dotted around England and Wales. YHA Once Brewed is a few hundred metres from Hadrian's Wall, so step back in time with your pupils and relive the life of a Roman soldier.

Find a hostel with YHA School Trips for History

Just for Fun

Do your pupils just deserve a well-earned break, no questions asked? Give education a rest and have a full-on adventure in the great outdoors with our Action Adventure package. Pupils will be thrilled to get a go at climbing and abseiling or you can even try something a little different like surfing or skiing! With our Breaks for Kids bursary fund available on YHA School Trips, we can help out with the cost for students who otherwise couldn't afford their outdoor adventure.

Find out more about Action Adventure YHA School Trips here

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