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YHA Day Two: Golant to Sourton Down
    13/06/2013 09:52

Day Two: Golant to Sourton Down

The day began with another hearty breakfast, a hot shower and amazing views over the River Fowey. Whilst munching our cereal reality finally sunk in. We assessed Tommy's injury which he acquired the previous day when stupidly falling off his stationary bike. Although he was putting on a rather brave face it looked painful. We made a call to our friend who is a nurse for some reassuring words. It was a very gutting situation. We didn't want to be one man down. Certainly not the second day in.

But Jeff and Vera a friendly couple from South Yorkshire came to our rescue in their Rover Estate. With a little convincing and a large gulp of pride swallowed they drove Tommy and his bike to the nearest hospital.

Day Two Route: Golant to Souton Down, Bundu Campsite, Devon just outside Dartmoor
Mileage: 53 miles
Song of the Day: Disclosure, Latch
Phrase of the Day: 'Is it broken?'

We arrived in Liskeard just after lunch. Tom's last hurdle into town was made a little easier as I held the trophy of a fresh cream eclair at the end of the hill climb. Like a donkey hungry for carrots, it was cream cake love at first sight. An onlooking mechanic and the lady in the bakers had a cheeky snigger.

Moral was lifted on receipt of exceptional news. Tommy's bones weren't broken. The swelling is huge but we've been assured it will subside with rest and medication. The second bit is easy enough but the next 900 miles are not conducive to rest. With a wrist brace and shear grit Tommy soldiered on sucking up the bumps with the odd whelp.

We rode on and got our first taste of A road mayhem It's true what they say, if you want cycle friendly drivers - ride to France and stay there. We dodged some lunatics, we cursed but we also smiled ear to ear descending into densely wooded valleys which the sun battled to brighten as we arrived into Devon where we were greeted with some light rain.

A long day ended with our first night camping. A whopping great burger and a rampant swarm of midges that keep bashing into the screen in which these words appear.

It's been a brilliant day, full of ups and down, quite literally and a good night's sleep is ready to be had.

Tomorrow is massive. We're on our way to YHA Cheddar - extra portions of cheese on everything please.

By Harry Hosteller

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