Whilst we are aware that the answers to all your questions may not appear on our website hopefully some of the more frequently asked questions will be answered below. If your particular question is not here, please do not hesitate to contact the team who will be more than happy to help. Your input will also help us to help other customers as they may well have the same queries. The team can be contacted on 01629 592700 or you can email us.. Q: Will we have the property to ourselves? A: Yes – the manager will meet you on arrival to show you around, hand over the keys) and after that the property is all yours - you may come and go as you please! Please be aware however that at some of our properties the hostel manager or staff may live on site, but rest assured they are always in a separate area and will not invade your privacy.   Q: Do we have to clean the property? A: You will be expected to leave the property as you found it, therefore there may be some tidying and cleaning to do when you leave – all cleaning materials are provided and all we ask is that you leave the property as you found it – but we don’t expect you to be mopping the floors or scrubbing the baths!   Q: We have a large group of 80 people, are you able to accomodate us? A: Many locations are suitable for larger groups and make great venues to get together   Q: How far in advance can I book? A: You can book up to a year in advance as we open up dates for next year on the first of every month e.g. dates for December next year will be opened up on the 1st of December this year.   Q: Do you have a catering service? A: This will depend on the property - some are able to provide meals and some are not. The best thing to do is check out the hostel page on our website, which will tell you if the property is able to offer a meal service. This will be at your request and you will need to speak to the hostel directly to arrange meals prior to your stay.   Q: Is Escape To… available all year round? A: Every property is different – most properties operate on the Escape To… scheme between October and Easter, however some are available outside of these periods. Please see our Summer Escapes page for more information.   Q: Are cots and high-chairs provided? A: Some properties are able to provide these facilities, but as they are not provided as standard we will have to check with them first – it is always worth contacting the properties directly. We will be happy to contact them on your behalf or provide the managers number.   Q: Can we bring our Dog? A: Unfortunately we cannot allow any family pets to be brought along to our locations, however if you use an assistance dog then we are happy to arrange this.   Q: Can I make a provisional booking? A: We do not make provisional bookings as we require a 25% deposit to secure a booking which is part of our terms and conditions, however should you need to be invoiced or are a group who can only pay by cheque, we will hold the booking for up to one week. Should payment not be received within this time, then unfortunately the booking will be cancelled.   Q: Why are the bed numbers different from the main YHA website? A: When a property is being hired out for sole use as with the Escape to… scheme we need to make sure that all the facilities (kitchen, washroom etc.) provided are sufficient for your stay. This may mean that sometimes we will need to limit bed numbers in order to ensure a comfortable experience. It may also be for health and safety restrictions. If you have seen a property but discover that for sole use the bed numbers are not adequate for your group please contact the team and we will try to find a suitable alternative.

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