Moey Yokota

Moey Yokota

I am passionate about helping others, especially vulnerable young people. I have participated in volunteer projects in Brazil, South Africa and Cambodia, helping children and young people with their education. I am also a certified camp counsellor in France and have worked with many teams to provide fun activities and camp experience to children.

I am committed to the goals and missions of YHA and am excited to be part of the Youth Advisory Team. As I have had the opportunities to travel worldwide and experience many adventures and hostels internationally, I am enthusiastic about providing the same opportunities to young people from all backgrounds in the UK.

I believe that my enthusiasm, organisation and communication skills are the main qualities I bring to the team. I am a natural planner and enjoy managing my time methodically. I am eager to implement my organisational skills to facilitate and achieve the team’s day to day tasks and goals. Lastly, I have always valued collaboration in the workplace and encouraged transparent communication. I believe that sharing each other’s experiences and issues can promote a trustworthy work environment, and I intend to apply this belief to this team.

I want to add real value to this team and finally practice my skills and knowledge to drive positive change and contribute towards the happiness of young people.

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