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YHA Wye Valley


Near Goodrich, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6JJ


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Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
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About YHA Wye Valley

Recommended by Rough Guides in its 2012 round-up of great places to visit, YHA Wye Valley is a brilliant place to visit as an active, outdoor education-led school trip. Set in the Centre of 25 acres of land on the banks of the River Wye, this hostel is primed for activity breaks - it even has its own canoe landing station!

Wye Valley sits at the very heart of the Royal Forest of Dean and is close to Symonds Yat Rock. Incorporating these features is an on-site orienteering course that explores miles of footpaths, fields and forests. It also makes it a great place for mountain biking excursions.

The river Wye is famous for its 100 miles of canoe able river. And there are plenty more activities on offer with Rock Climbing, Caving, High & Low ropes courses and many forest attractions.

There's even chance for a crossover school trip for history students too, as the stunning Goodrich Castle offers the opportunity to learn more about the English Civil War.

Need To Know

YHA Wye Valley has been awarded the Quality Badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

PE & Outdoor Education

YHA Wye Valley is a fantastic setting for your P.E. Adventure school trip. Set in 25 acres of land and on the banks of the river Wye the adventure begins from the moment you step off the coach with a short walk across the river (by bridge) to reach the hostel.

Our P.E. Adventure package is tailored to meet your requirements during your stay and with a vast range of team challenge activities, local walks and bush craft activities on offer a memorable trip is guaranteed.

An example of some of our activities is below:

Electric Bridge: There are two bridges, which will take about 16 people. The idea is to take a plank and take it to the bridge. You must match the 3 wires on the plank with those on the bridge. If a plank doesn’t fit then you return to your team and the next person takes a plank and does the same. Teams can help each other out by remembering which coloured wires are where. The first team to build their bridge wins and then teams swap over. This can also be timed.

Tyre Challenge: three poles are set in the ground with tyres of varying size on them. As a group they have to solve the problem of getting tyres from the first pole to the third pole leaving them in the same position they started at. A small tyre can go on top of a larger one but not vice versa. The teams have to use their teambuilding skills to solve the problem.

Spiders Web: The object is to get all the members of a team from one side to the other. Each hole in the web can only be used once. After a hole has been used a peg is placed to stop another person using it. Teamwork is needed to decide who will be passed through which hole to achieve the task. The group needs to work out that at least one bottom hole needs to be left for the last person to get through.

Night Line: The idea is for the group to be blindfolded and follow a rope line through the woods. Various obstacles are placed in their path to make it more difficult. The team need to communicate with the other members to alert them of the obstacles.

Toxic Disposal: A challenge that tests all of the senses and a team’s ability to communicate well. Good for teenagers or older primary children. A hook is attached to 4 pieces of rope that are fed through 4 posts in a square. In teams they must guide the hook to pick up the toxic waste and place it in the safe zone in the centre of the square. Added difficulty can be sought by facing the opposite way, not using verbal communication and having other people communicate for you.

Save the Ducks: the ducks have fallen in to a muddy swamp and need saving… your challenge is to use the planks provided to get across the swamp and pick up as many ducks as you can. Your team must all cross safely too without falling in. This activity can be timed to create competition.

  • Subjects: PE, Outdoor Education
  • Levels: KS2, KS4
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Village Study – KS2
This Contrasting Localities package helps pupils discover how the physical world relates to a map, and explores the link between geology, landscape and settlement. Including an investigation of the village of Goodrich - who lives there and why – and the impact of historical events and modern tourism on the area.

River Study – KS2 & KS3
Pupils undertake a hands-on geographical investigation of a stream in the Forest of Dean, enhancing their understanding of key river processes, such as erosion, transportation and deposition, and developing fieldwork skills and use of appropriate vocabulary. (Please note: an additional charge may apply for transport costs)


  • Subjects: Geography, Breadth of Study
  • Levels: KS2, KS3
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Bush craft for Beginners – KS2
A programme of outdoor challenges and problem-solving exercises aimed at developing confidence and teamwork skills. Range of activities can include den building, outdoor cookery, tool skills, fire-lighting, orienteering/navigation skills.

Woodland Detective - KS2
A programme offering a wide selection of activities aimed at encouraging discovery about the ecology of the local habitat. Range of activities can include: animal detectives, woodland plants and trees, comparison of habitats, plant studies, seeds and seed dispersal, animal and plant identification, collection methods, food chains, seasonal variation, nature recycles. All programmes will include appropriate data collection techniques.


  • Subjects: Science, PSHE & Citizenship, Physical Education,
  • Levels: KS2
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Action Adventure

Kayak and/or Canoe: Have a dabble with a paddle and choose kayaking and/or canoeing. Learn some new skills and have fun taking part in a range of games and a journey. You will be guided by our expert staff and given instruction on all aspects of water safety.

Raft Building: You will be required to construct a raft from barrels, spars and rope. Your team will need to design a raft that is fast and robustness because you will be against the clock. Our instructors will give you bits of advice to ensure knots in the rope are tight but the focus of the session will be on creativity and team working.

Climbing/Abseiling: Learn some new skills as you climb a rock face under the expert guidance of qualified and experienced members of outdoor staff. You’ll be shown how to take responsibility for safety and that of your team members as you get hands on with belaying and safety systems. A focus of this session will be on the importance of trust within teams and how it can be engendered.

Caving: Caving is sure to appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore, no matter what their age. Being inside a cave can be an otherworldly experience, where colours and textures delight the eye. Kids get the sense of being the first to discover a hidden secret as they enter an underground chamber, letting their torchlight guide them from one thrilling encounter to another.

Orienteering: For those looking for a challenging, rewarding activity that will provide school kids with a workout for the body and the mind, orienteering is the perfect choice. This popular activity involves using a map to navigate around a course as quickly as possible, working between specially marked control points. It can be enjoyed in all sorts of locations, but the very best terrain for this exciting activity has got to be the open countryside.

Rope Course: Ever fancied swinging through the trees like a monkey? Well, with a day out at a rope course you can do just that! What's more, you can rest assured that if the kids fall they won't fall far, as their belay harness will catch them. So they can swing, jump, climb and clamber to their heart's content, whether they're scaling dizzying heights or staying a little closer to the ground.

Archery: While archery is no longer employed as a means of defending your country, land or even yourself, it still remains popular up and down England and Wales, where it has become a much-loved individual and team sport. Children too can partake in this game of accuracy, vying for gold against their peers while being taught everything they need to know by trained professionals.

Mountain biking: As one of the more demanding outdoor activities with the YHA, mountain biking is one of the most exciting things to do for any school group looking to explore their chosen destination or landscape. All you need is a bike, a helmet and you're good to go! As an eco-friendly and free-roaming way to travel long distances in a short time, it's no surprise that so many school groups do this each and every year with the YHA.

Team Challenges: A variety of challenges that promote team work, communication and problem solving. These can be great fun and help build strong relationships both in and out the classroom.

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Map & Directions

How To Get Here

From the A40 from Ross on Wye to Monmouth, turn left signposted Goodrich. In Goodrich village, turn left opposite Jolly's stores. Follow the road for appx 1.5 miles and when road splits, take the right hand track. The track is narrow and steep with hairpin bend, not suitable for larger vehicles and coaches.

Longitude: -2.594785
Latitude: 51.856629
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